Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher 713.417.3535

Class Schedule and Fees


Chair Yoga Class
10-11:15 AM
Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism
 801 Bering Drive




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Please call me before coming to your first Yoga Class: 713-417-3535 to discuss any questions you may have.

Please call Justin Doitch at HCRJ, 713-782-4162 to sign up for this class.

This class is FREE! I encourage you to make a donation to the temple as you are able.

This lively class is for active seniors who want to maintain and improve their strength, stability, range of motion, concentration and make new friends.  This class is open and welcoming to people of all denominations.  Class includes asanas or postures done while sitting in a chair, standing with the support of the chair or the wall, and on the floor.  Breathing and a short meditation end each class.  Sticky mats are available, but many people prefer to bring their own. If you are unable to get on the floor or have restrictions on your activities, I can adapt poses for you.

Private Session: Single class: $85. Packages of three or more classes paid and scheduled in advance: $75 per class. There may be a travel charge if I come to your location based on distance of travel. These classes are structured specifically for you to meet your needs and goals. The class runs between 1 and 1.5 hours, as you prefer.


Level 1.5

New and experienced students of Iyengar Yoga will gain insight and challenge themselves in appropriate ways to become aware of their strengths and shortcomings. Breathing and awareness lead us to understanding our response to the requirements of each pose. We then strive to improve and enjoy the process. These physical activities teach us on a much deeper level in ways that improve our life experiences. Each class ends with breath awareness and relaxation.

Slow & Easy Yoga

The Slow and Easy Yoga class is a bit more vigorous than the chair yoga class. It is beneficial to a wide range of people including those who are de-conditioned, work in corporate settings or athletes who want to increase static strength, flexibility and range of motion .  This class will be taught with lots of props and support. Students gain awareness of alignment in this class, relieve fatigue and stress and build strength. The skills learned in this class are very practical and portable making them ideal for travelers or for anyone to use throughout the day to maintain energy and focus.

Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors

This class is similar to the Slow and Easy Yoga class with emphasis on enhancing range of motion in the arms, improving overall strength and stamina in a very gentle way.  We will use the breath to release tension and focus the mind and meditation to quiet the mind. The exercises and the group support improve strength, range of motion, sense of well being and self-confidence. I’ve been certified in the YWCA Encore program and the American Cancer Society STRETCH program.  Iyengar yoga has specific training for breast cancer patients as well that supports and enhances the other two modalities.  I had breast cancer in 1989 and I have had personal experience with using yoga to improve a challenging situation.

Comments on: "Class Schedule and Fees" (4)

  1. Rob Silver said:

    Do you teach restorative? Looking for a good studio

    • I hope to begin a chair yoga class for seniors at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center on Woodway in September. That class will offer slow, gentle movements at a relaxing pace. It will end with a seated meditation. May I notify you about that class?

    • I now offer a yoga class for Seniors that is upbeat yet slow and relaxing. Please check my website for the new listing if you are interested.

  2. Terri Simpson said:

    Hello ! I’m coming to Houston – West U area . I’d like to participate in a class this weekend ( Friday or Saturday).3/11 or 3/12/22. I’m knowledgeable of Yoga & have practiced for 25 years .

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