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Corporate Yoga Classes

One Minute Motivators

This class teaches easy stretches that are designed to be practiced throughout the day to relieve fatigue and stress.  This is a safety and health issue for anyone who spends long hours behind a computer.  Studies show that this type of short, frequent break will increase attention span and productivity while reducing muscle strain and fatigue.  The tone of this class is upbeat and fun.  Employees participate in exercises  that are practical and appropriate for the office environment.  This class is perfect for a Lunch and Learn event or for a Break Out Session in a conference.

I’m Relaxing as Fast As I Can

This four-part series expands upon the techniques of One Minute Motivators to include the use of a tennis ball for self massage, and office furniture to aid in stretching. Simple breathing and meditation techniques quiet and refresh the mind, body and spirit.  The class encourages creativity based upon simple principles of body mechanics and can be adapted to a individual needs.  By spending more time practicing these exercises and understanding the basic principals involved, employees are more likely to retain the knowledge and have the confidence to practice on their own.  Fitness specialists in your company can be trained in these techniques to provide ongoing support to your wellness program.

On-Site Yoga Classes

Yoga classes can be conducted at your site in your gymnasium or in a conference room.  Props such as sticky mats, blocks, belts and blankets will enhance the students experience, but are not essential to begin the program. I have many of these props and if they can be secured, they can be stored at your location.  My 30 years of experience teaching a wide variety of student assures you of a professional, safe and enjoyable experience for your employees.  I was certified in the Iyengar system of hatha yoga in 1994.  This is the most rigorous yoga certification available and emphasizes technique, alignment and awareness to allow its instructors to modify and otherwise adjust poses to suit individual needs.


Prices for the above services are variable depending upon the number of classes contracted, the distance of the site from my office and any additional services that might be requested.  Please speak to me directly so that I can understand your needs and quote an appropriate price for my services.


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