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Slow and Easy Yoga

The Slow and Easy Yoga class is ROCKING…gently!!  We are off to a great start and I hope you will consider joining us on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm at the Queensloch Studio.  This class is perfect for those who have become deconditioned and need a supported, thoughtful and energizing class.  Seniors and folks dealing with illness or injury, for example, find this class a perfect way to improve their strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, awareness and sense of wellness.  Office workers and anyone looking for a peaceful, relaxing class will enjoy the practicality of the poses and their usefulness in daily life.  Even long-time yoga practitioners will find that this class can challenge their precision and alignment in the poses and allow them to work in a deeper, more subtle way. Join us for a class you will cherish!