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Holiday Schedule 2015

We’ve had a wonderful year in our classes filled with learning, laughing, reflecting, breathing, struggling, accomplishing, working, resting and welcoming new students to our class.  Now the holidays are upon us and, as is my custom, I will suspend classes after the 10 am class on Friday, December 18 for two weeks.  We will resume class on the regular schedule on Monday, January 4th at 10 am at the Houston Congregation for Reform Judaism.  This is a supported class for healthy seniors.  They are very welcoming to anyone who wants to join us and learn more about yoga and about themselves.  Classes sponsored by The Next Level Fitness resume on Wednesday, January 6 at 10 am and again at 6:30 pm.  We meet again on Friday at 10 am.  Check my schedule for more details.

If you have ever considered beginning yoga training, the new year is the perfect opportunity.  I typically review skills and principals, and there are often others new to yoga in the class.  You can contact me if you have questions not answered on my site.  Those who practice have gained many benefits on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.   I hope you will join us.


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